Raising Cane’s Menu With Prices Canada

Get ready to dive into Raising Cane's menu with prices Canada as we guide you through the mouthwatering offerings at this popular American fast-food chain's Canadian locations. Discover the tempting menu items, unbeatable deals, and insider tips to make your visit to Raising Cane's a finger-licking good experience.

Prepare to embark on a finger-licking adventure with Raising Cane’s in Canada! In this article, we’ll be unwrapping all the juicy details on the delicious menu options and their budget-friendly prices that await you at this popular chicken haven. When you’re done reading, your taste buds will tingle with anticipation, and your wallet will be celebrating! So, let’s dive into the flavorful world of Raising Cane’s Canada and discover what tasty treats are in store for you!

Raising Cane’s Menu Prices 2024

Raising Canes menu prices Canada
I am raising Cane’s menu prices in Canada.

Raising Cane’s Combos menu prices.

Items                         Size                                          Price

The Caniac Combo (6 Chicken Fingers, Fries, Coleslaw, 2 Cane’s Sauces, Texas Toast & Large Drink – 32 oz.) $9.98
The Box Combo (4 Chicken Fingers, Fries, Coleslaw, Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast & Regular Drink – 22 oz.) $6.98
The Sandwich Combo (3 Chicken Fingers, Cane’s Sauce, Lettuce, Kaiser Roll, Fries & Regular Drink – 22 oz.) $5.98
The 3 Finger Combo (3 Chicken Fingers, Fries, Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast & Regular Drink – 22 oz.) $6.38
The Kids Combo (2 Chicken Fingers, Fries, Cane’s Sauce, Kid’s Drink – 12 oz. & Activity) $ 4.58

Raising Cane’s Tailgates Menu Prices

*Included Cane’s Sauce

Chicken Fingers 50 Pc. $48.99
Chicken Fingers 25 Pc. $27.49
Chicken Fingers 100 Pc. $89.99
Each Additional Chicken Finger 100 Pc. $84.99
Chicken Fingers 75 Pc. $69.99

Raising Cane’s Cane’s Gear Menu Price

Short Sleeve T-Shirts $9.99
Long Sleeve T-Shirts $11.99
Logo Hats/Visors $9.99

Raising Cane’s Extras Menu Price

Crinkle-Cut Fries $1.49
Texas Toast $0.69
Chicken Finger $1.09
Coleslaw $0.69
Cane’s Sauce $0.29

Raising Cane’s Drinks Menu Price

Lemonade Regular (22 oz.) $1.84
Lemonade 1 Gallon $8.99
Sweet / Unsweet Tea Large (32 oz.) $1.79
Sweet / Unsweet Tea Regular (22 oz.) $1.59
Sweet / Unsweet Tea 1 Gallon $4.99
Fountain Drink Kids (12 oz.) $0.99
Fountain Drink $ Large (32 oz.) 1.79
Sweet / Unsweet Tea Kids (12 oz.) $0.99
Lemonade Large (32 oz.) $2.09
Lemonade Kids (12 oz.) $0.99
Fountain Drink Regular (22 oz.) $1.59

Review on Raising Cane’s Menu

Looking at Raising Cane’s menu list, you will see that it is for those who do not like complicated menus. It is straightforward to understand as it primarily contains chicken fingers, crinkle-cut Fries, coleslaw, toast, and Cane’s signature sauce.

What sets each meal on the menu list apart is the number of chicken fingers in each one.

But, significantly, the limited meals on the menu list are prepared with customers’ satisfaction in mind. In other words, the quality of the taste and look of these meals are second to none.

The menu prices are reasonably priced when compared to the industry average. They are not expensive, but ordinarily, more should have been going out for such quality meals.

This affordability leverage has made raising Crane’s a favorite to many chicken finger meal lovers.


Raising Canes menu price list
Raising Cane’s menu price list and faqs

What’s so good about Raising Canes?

It is simple. The excellent quality good at Raising Canes makes people come back to have another meal. Their chicken breasts are premium cut tenderloins from the front of the breast. Their chicken is so good!

Does Canes have a sandwich?

Yes, if you check the Raising Canes Combo menu list, you will see the Sandwich Combo (3 Chicken Fingers, Cane's Sauce, Lettuce, Kaiser Roll, Fries & Regular Drink – 22 oz.) priced at $5.98

Can you buy Raising Cane’s sauce in a bottle?

Most Raising Canes locations sell their special dipping sauce in larger quantities, but the last time I checked, they do not bottle it.

What Is Raising Cane’s sauce made of?

The process involved in making Cane's Sauce is straightforward, such that you can do it yourself.  It is made up of some vital ingredients, which include: mayonnaise, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, pepper, and Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning. They put all these ingredients into a bowl using the correct measurements, then whisk it together to bring the sauce.

Can I order Raising Cane’s online?

Of course! You can get your chicken fingers even faster when ordering online or using their mobile App. Raising canes online orders are received hot & ready as soon as they arrive.

How long is Raising Cane’s sauce good for?

Store the sauce in an airtight container and then in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Final words…

This brings us to the end of this post, and I hope you now know the cost of your favorite chicken finger meal on Raising Cane’s fast-food chain menu list.

What sets them apart in the food-chain industry is the food quality you will likely not get elsewhere.

And as I mentioned earlier, the menu prices are pretty affordable.

While you plan to go to any Raising Cane location, you should know their current menu list and prices, and I hope this post solves that need.

Raising Cane’s has been catapulted to world-class standards, and they do not seem ready to back down in the coming years.

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