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Checkers Menu Prices

Unraveling the Checkers menu prices is akin to embarking on an expedition through the terrain of fast food that satisfies both palate and pocket. Ever pondered how far your buck could stretch at this popular fast-food chain? Buckle up as we delve into the Checkers menu, revealing the value behind each irresistible bite.

Are you craving delicious fast food that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Checkers! With a wide range of burgers, fries, and other tasty treats, Checkers is the perfect destination for a quick and satisfying meal. In this article, we’ll look closer at Checkers menu prices so you can easily plan your next visit. Let’s explore everything Checkers offers, from classic favorites like the Checkerburger to more unique options like the Baconzilla.

Checkers Menu with Prices 2024

Checkers menu with prices
Checkers menu with prices

Below is the latest Checkers menu price and complete list.


*Combo Includes Fries and a Drink

Item Size Price
Big Buford $4.69
Big Buford Small Combo  $6.79
Big Buford Medium Combo $7.29
Big Buford Large Combo $7.79
Baconzilla! $5.19
Baconzilla! Small Combo $7.19
Baconzilla! Medium Combo $7.49
Baconzilla! Large Combo $8.19
Cheese Champ $3.39
Cheese Champ Small Combo $5.49
Cheese Champ Medium Combo $5.99
Cheese Champ Large Combo $6.49
Bacon Roadhouse $4.49
Bacon Roadhouse  Small Combo $6.49
Bacon Roadhouse Medium Combo $6.99
Bacon Roadhouse Large Combo  $7.49
Bacon Cheese Champ $3.99
Bacon Cheese Champ Small Combo $6.19
Bacon Cheese Champ Medium Combo  $6.59
Bacon Cheese Champ Large Combo $6.99
Double Rally Burger with Cheese $2.79
Double Rally Burger with Cheese  Small Combo $5.69
Double Rally Burger with Cheese Medium Combo $6.19
Double Rally Burger with Cheese Large Combo  $6.69
Half-Pound Chicken Bites $3.49
Half-Pound Chicken Bites Small Combo  $5.79
Half-Pound Chicken Bites Medium Combo $6.29
Half-Pound Chicken Bites Large Combo $6.79
Chicken Strips 4 Pc. $3.29
Chicken Strips Small Combo 4 Pc. $5.29
Chicken Strips Medium Combo 4 Pc. $5.99
Chicken Strips Large Combo 4 Pc. $6.29
Big Chicken Sandwich $2.99
Big Chicken Sandwich Small Combo $5.49
Big Chicken Sandwich Medium Combo $5.99
Big Chicken Sandwich Large Combo  $6.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Large Combo $5.99
Classic Wings 5 Pc. $5.69
Classic Wings Small Combo 5 Pc. $7.99
Classic Wings Medium Combo 5 Pc. $8.49
Classic Wings Large Combo 5 Pc. $8.99
Deep Sea Double $3.99
Deep Sea Double Small Combo $5.79
Deep Sea Double Medium Combo $6.29
Deep Sea Double Large Combo  $6.79
Chili Dog $1.49
Chili Dog Small Combo $4.59
Chili Dog Medium Combo $5.19
Chili Dog Large Combo $5.59
Rallyburger with Cheese $1.89
Rallyburger with Cheese Small Combo $4.99
Rallyburger with Cheese Medium Combo  $5.49
Rallyburger with Cheese Large Combo $5.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich  $2.19
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Small Combo $4.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Medium Combo $5.49

Classic Wing

*Available in Medium Buffalo, Honey B.B.Q., Asian Kick, Angry Buffalo, and Garlic Parmesan

Combo 5 Pc.  $7.99
Combo 10 Pc. $11.99
Party 20 Pc. $18.49
Party  40 Pc. $29.99
Box 5 Pc. $5.69
Box 10 Pc. $9.49
Ranch or Blue Cheese $0.49

Single Values

Classic Cone $1.00
Value Drink 16 oz. $1.19
Dasani Water $1.00
All American Cheeseburger $1.00
Grilled Hot Dog $1.00
B.L.T. $1.00
Value Fries $1.49
Rallyburger  $1.39
Chili Cheese Dog $1.99
Snack Milkshake $1.69
Chili Cheeseburger  $1.99
Crispy Fish Sandwich $1.99
Lil’ B.B.Q. Roadhouse Burger $1.19
Bacon All American Cheeseburger $1.59
Chicken Bites Box $2.00
Tea 32 oz. $1.00

Famous Seasoned Fries

Fries Small $1.99
Fries Medium $2.49
Fries Large $2.89
Fries Fry Lover’s XL $4.29
Fully Loaded Fries $3.29
Cheese Chili Cheese Fries $3.39
Baconzilla! Fries $3.39
Monsterrella Stix 4 Pc. $1.99
Monsterrella Stix 6 Pc. $2.99
Garlic Parm Fries & Stix (Limited Time) $2.99

More for Less Menu

Fry Lover’s Burger 2 for $3.00
Spicy Chicken Sandwich 2 for $3.00
Medium Drink 32 oz. 2 for $3.00
Mushroom Swiss burger 2 for $3.00
Crispy Fish Sandwich 2 for $3.00
Chili Dog 2 for $3.00
Bacon Rallyburger with Cheese 2 for $4.00
Big Chicken Sandwich 2 for $4.00
Spicy Chicken Deluxe 2 for $4.00
Cheese Double 2 for $4.00
Deep Sea Double 2 for $5.00
Double Rallyburger with Cheese 2 for $5.00
Spicy Chicken Double 2 for $5.00
Big Chicken Deluxe 2 for $5.00
Bacon Cheddar Crisp Double (Limited Time) 2 for $5.00

Cold Creations

Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla) Snack $1.69
Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla) Small $2.99
Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla) Medium $3.39
Milk Shake (Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, or Vanilla) Large $3.99
Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry) Small $3.78

Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry)

Medium $4.18
Loaded Milkshake (Banana Split or Oreo Raspberry) Large $4.78

Sundae Stacker (Strawberry Cheesecake or Oreo Raspberry)

Deep Dish Sundae (Strawberry Cheesecake or Oreo) $3.99

Waffle Cone (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirl)

Classic Cone or Cup (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirl) $1.00

Kids Meals

Hot Dog $3.19
Hamburger $3.19
Cheeseburger $3.49
Chicken Bites $3.49


Classic Funnel Cake $1.49
Loaded Strawberry Funnel Cake $2.29
Cinnamon Apple Pie $1.00

Ice Cold Drinks

Drink Small $1.79
Drink Medium $1.99
Drink  Large $2.19

Our Testimonial

Checkers menu prices
Checkers menu prices

The Baconzilla on the Checkers menu checklist is a trendy thing among customers. The American food web has constantly succeeded when it pertains to Burgers.

Nonetheless, Checkers is also famous for its french fries; these are marvelously delicious and not like any type you’ll find at any other fast-food establishment.

Looking at the Checkers menu price, one can say that they are fair and reasonable as you can get a combo meal for $3 to $7; this will likewise depend on the dimension of the dish– either a tiny, tool, or large. You can obtain each thing on their worth menu for about $1 to $2, which is also relatively reasonable.

Most of their places are of the drive-thru domain name; you will still find a range of interior and outside seat choices. The American fast-food chain could keep that fantastic dedication to better hamburgers and excellent service.

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While your experience at Checkers restaurant will vary by location, Checkers is typically understood to have refined the recipe for tasty, budget-friendly fast food. Each site can be conveniently recognized and brought in by the bright red pillars and black & white checkerboard.

On preferred testimonials, customers compliment their staff’s solution and preparedness to offer any help required.

Since you have seen the total Checkers menu prices, you can now order or see the closest Checker area utilizing their leading internet site to find the nearest location.

If you have eaten at any Checkers location prior, do not hesitate to share your experience in the comment section, specifically if it concerns their menu checklist and price as art the moment you went there.


What types of food are available on Checkers’ menu?

Checkers offers a variety of fast food items, including burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and shakes.

How much does it cost to eat at Checkers?

Prices at Checkers vary depending on the location and the specific items ordered, but generally, expect to pay around $2-$6 for individual items and $6-$10 for a combo meal.

Are there any vegetarian options available at Checkers?

Unfortunately, Checkers does not currently offer any vegetarian options on their menu.

Does Checkers offer any deals or promotions?

Checkers frequently has deals and promotions, such as discounts on certain menu items or meal combos. Check with your local Checkers or visit their website for current offers.

Can I customize my order at Checkers?

Yes, Checkers allows customers to fully customize their orders, from the toppings on their burgers to the sauces for their chicken sandwiches.

Does Checkers offer catering services?

Yes, Checkers offers catering services for both small and large events. Contact your local Checkers or visit their website for more information.

Are there any gluten-free options available at Checkers?

Checkers does not currently offer any gluten-free options on their menu.

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