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Pez Nutrition Facts

Pez nutrition facts" may stir up nostalgic memories, but how much do we know about these colorful, playful candies beyond their iconic dispensers? Get ready to embark on a journey into the sugary heart of Pez, revealing surprising details that will forever change how you look at this classic treat.

The journey into the world of PEZ candy nutrition facts is interesting and intriguing. This globally beloved candy, first introduced to the world over 70 years ago, continues to captivate millions of hearts (and taste buds). But what exactly do we know about PEZ candy’s nutritional aspects? Let’s embark on this sweet expedition to unravel the mysteries of the candy that we all adore.

Unraveling PEZ Candy Nutrition Facts

When you examine the PEZ candy ingredients, you’ll find that the main components include sugar, corn syrup, adipic acid, hydrogenated palm kernel and palm oils, and mono and diglycerides natural and artificial flavors. Besides, PEZ candy also includes artificial colors like FD&C Red 3 Yellow, Yellow 5 Yellow, and Yellow 6 Blue. This means the answer might be subjective: Is PEZ bad for you? Depending on one’s dietary needs and restrictions.

A closer look at the PEZ cantina nutrition facts reveals that the candy is gluten-free. It’s a significant note for those with specific dietary requirements or restrictions. It’s also worth noting that PEZ candies do not contain peanuts or tree nuts, making them a safe option for individuals with such allergies.

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The World of PEZ Calories

When discussing PEZ calories, it’s crucial to remember that the candy’s energy content can quickly accumulate if you consume several pieces or rolls at a time. With the knowledge of How many PEZ are in a roll, it’s easier to keep track of your intake.

About other candies, the Smarties nutrition facts indicate a similar calorie count per piece, placing PEZ candy in a comparable category.

Pez Nutrition Facts Table
Pez Nutrition Facts Table

PEZ Ingredients and Flavors

PEZ ingredients are quite straightforward. They include sugar, corn syrup, adipic acid, hydrogenated palm kernel and palm oils, and mono and diglycerides natural and artificial flavors. What makes each PEZ candy special is the diverse range of PEZ flavors. These range from traditional fruit-based flavors to unique offerings like coffee and cola.

Nutrient Amount per PEZ candy
Calories 35
Sugar 0.75g
Fat 0g
Protein 0g
Carbohydrates 9g


How many calories are in 1 PEZ?

Each PEZ candy contains approximately 35 calories. This count can add up quite quickly, given that there are typically 12 pieces in a standard PEZ roll.

Is there sugar in PEZ?

Yes, sugar is a primary ingredient in PEZ candies. For those wondering, How much sugar is in one roll of Pez? It's approximately 9 grams per roll.

How many calories are in a packet of PEZ?

A standard PEZ packet containing 12 candies contains approximately 420 calories. This may seem substantial, but remember; it's all about portion control.

In conclusion, knowing the PEZ candy nutrition facts and PEZ cantina nutrition facts can aid in making informed decisions about your candy consumption. These tiny treats may be low in calories individually, but it’s always essential to monitor your intake and remember moderation is key.

Moreover, the PEZ calories can quickly accumulate if you consume many pieces or rolls. Therefore, it is crucial to know the calorie count and sugar content, especially for those watching their intake. Enjoying sweets like PEZ is fine if you balance your diet and don’t overindulge. PEZ candies are here to bring joy and sweetness to your life; just remember to enjoy them responsibly!

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