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Paradise Buffet Menu Prices

Stepping into the world of Paradise Buffet menu prices is like unlocking the door to a treasure trove of affordable culinary delights. Have you ever wondered how a trip to gastronomic Paradise might fit into your budget? Brace yourself as we reveal secrets that could make your dining dreams a delicious reality.

Are you looking for a delicious and affordable all-you-can-eat buffet? Look no further than Paradise Buffet! With a wide variety of dishes, including seafood, Asian cuisine, and comfort foods, Paradise Buffet will satisfy any craving. In this article, we’ll look closer at Paradise Buffet’s menu with prices so you can easily plan your next visit. Let’s explore what Paradise Buffet offers, from breakfast to dinner and everything in between.

Paradise Buffet Menu With Prices 2024

Paradise Buffet Menu Prices
Paradise Buffet Menu Prices


Monday-Friday, 7am-10:30am

Items Price
B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Breakfast) $8.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Breakfast) $9.99

Champagne Brunch

Saturday-Sunday, 7 am-3 pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Champagne Brunch) $13.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Champagne Brunch) $14.99


Monday-Friday, 11 am-3 pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Lunch) $9.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Lunch) $10.99


Prime Rib Night, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, 4 pm-10 pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Prime Rib Night Dinner) $15.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Prime Rib Night Dinner) $16.99

 Seafood Fantasy, Tuesday, four pm-10 pm, and Friday, four pm-11 pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Seafood Fantasy Dinner) $27.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Seafood Fantasy Dinner) $28.99

Steak Night, Wednesday, four pm-10 pm, and Saturday, four pm-11 pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Steak Night Dinner) $15.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Steak Night Dinner) $16.99

Regarding Paradise Buffet

Paradise Buffet Menu with Prices
Paradise Buffet Menu with Prices

The Paradise Buffet is located inside the Fremont Resort & Casino, which used to be the highest building in Las Vegas. Historical structure is now a part of the Strip.

Paradise Buffet and Cafe is a fantastic area to enjoy all-you-can-eat food commemorating unique celebrations, ons or delighting with a comforting dish. It features a variety of special occasions as well as sparkling wine breakfasts.

Testablishmentent is known for its relaxing environment and tropical garden. Its visitors define it as a paradise island with a tropical theme.

The Paradise Buffet includes a selection of foods and special evenings. It also provides a variety of breakfast, lunch, and supper food selections.


We preserve the setting that the Paradise Buffet is a great place to eat in Las Vegas. It includes a tropical garden and a menu with plenty of food favorites and attracts guests from throughout the city and the past.

The regular supper price for a Las Vegas buffet varies from $16 to $29.

The resort has various dining options for guests who enjoy different dishes. There are likewise special events like the weekend sparkling wine brunch.

Furthermore, you will discover a wide range of coffee shop faves at the Paradise Café, a tropical-themed café within the restaurant.

If you favor beginning your day with breakfast, the Paradise Buffet has something for you. There are many alternatives for morning meals, such as crepes, omelets, waffles, and fresh fruits.

The carved beef is also juicy and more gratifying with several dealings, such as housemade chips and dips. This meal is a favorite amongst residents and also travelers in Las Vegas.

Aside from bread and pies, this restaurant serves other dessert faves such as cakes and ice cream. There are healthy and balanced options for guests wishing to delight, such as fruit slices and gelato.

The location is well-equipped with the needed materials, paired with conscientious and jolly personnel– Their pleasant attitude made the guests feel at home.

The noise level is also handled to keep the guests comfortable.

Profits: Paradise Buffet is a fantastic area to eat at the Fremont Resort & Gambling Establishment.

What to watch out for

Fried hen is a little bit unusual when you’re in a buffet. However, these are the best-fried chickens in Paradise Buffet. They are perfect and also are terrific for binge drinking.

Tuesdays, as well as Fridays, are fish and shellfish dream nights. It would help if you looked out for Fresh fish and shellfish choices. These evenings are usually more pricey than other evenings, so publish early to prevent disappointment.

Also, Paradise Buffet’s Beef Ribs Nights are every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Obtain some fresh prime rib and delight in some great meats.

At the same time, If you’re a steak guy after that, arrange your supper times below on a Saturday or Wednesday to ensure they can offer you some excellent steaks.

The Paradise Buffet and Cafe are among the few establishments in Las Vegas that offer excellent prices with discounts. They do it by keeping the old Las Vegas environment active.


What types of food are available on Paradise Buffet’s menu?

Paradise Buffet offers various dishes, including seafood, sushi, Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, comfort foods, and desserts.

How much does it cost to eat at Paradise Buffet?

Prices at Paradise Buffet vary depending on the location and the time of day, but generally, expect to pay around $10-$25 for breakfast and lunch and $15-$30 for dinner.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options available at Paradise Buffet?

Paradise Buffet offers vegetarian and vegan options, such as stir-fry, steamed vegetables, and vegetarian sushi rolls.

Does Paradise Buffet offer any specials or promotions?

Yes, Paradise Buffet frequently has specials and promotions, such as discounts for seniors or military members and special holiday menus. Check with your local Paradise Buffet or visit their website for current offers.

Can I make a reservation at Paradise Buffet?

Most Paradise Buffet locations do not take reservations, as it is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, some areas may offer reservations for large groups.

Does Paradise Buffet offer catering services?

Yes, Paradise Buffet offers catering services for both small and large events. Contact your local Paradise Buffet or visit their website for more information.

Are there any restrictions on the all-you-can-eat policy at Paradise Buffet?

Yes, Paradise Buffet has a time limit of usually two hours and a policy against sharing or taking food out of the restaurant. Some locations may also have additional procedures, so check with your local Paradise Buffet for more information.

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