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Dog Haus Menu With Prices

Unleash your appetite with the Dog Haus menu with prices, a haven for food lovers seeking a gourmet twist on classic comfort food. Join us on this delicious journey as we reveal the secrets behind their mouthwatering creations, leaving you craving more than just a sneak peek.

Dog Haus is a fast-casual restaurant chain founded in 2010 in Pasadena, California. Since then, it has grown to over 50 locations across the United States, serving delicious hot dogs, sausages, burgers, and more. Dog Haus is known for its unique and creative menu items and commitment to using high-quality ingredients. In this article, we’ll look at the Dog Haus menu with prices and explore what makes this restaurant a popular choice for casual dining. From classic hot dogs to gourmet sausages, there’s something for everyone at a price that won’t break the bank.

Dog Haus Menu Prices 2024

Dog Haus menu prices
Dog Haus menu prices

They include a mix of pleasant and tasty tastes that excite even one of the most skilled food fanatics. These products utilize the finest quality meat and, of course, with no nitrates or chemicals.

Below is a complete listing of Dog Haus menu prices

Limited Time Offer

Tot Dog $8.21
Oktoberwürst $9.08
Take Bánh Mì $10.43


*Dog Haus’s most popular sliders are baked in your home. Try all 3!

Burger Take & Bake $44.00
Impossible Take & Bake $68.00
Pastrami Take & Bake $50.00

Haus Dogs

So Cali $8.18
So Cali Dog $7.43
Chili Idol Dog $7.49
Chili Idol $8.23
Downtown $8.17
Downtown Dog $7.63
Old Town $8.17
Old Town Dog $7.61
Cowboy Dog $7.48
Cowboy $8.21
Corn Dog $5.12
Chili the Kid $8.24
Chili the Kid Dog $7.65
Pineapple Express $8.18
Pineapple Express Dog $7.53
Free Bird $7.81
Scott Bali $7.79

Limited Time Offer Benefiting No Kid Hungry

Turducken $9.24

Haus Sausages

The Fonz $9.26
The Fonz Sausage $8.64
T-MEX $9.22
T-Mex Sausage $8.43
Pig Lebowski $8.54
Reservoir Hog $9.20
Reservoir Hog Sausage $8.44
Huli-Huli Sausage $8.44
Thai Fighter $9.19
Thai Fighter Sausage $8.39
Cocky Balboa Sausage $8.34
Cocky Balboa $9.18
Das Brat Sausage $8.39
Das Brat $9.17
Wurst Corn Dog $7.40

Haus Burgers

Ringer $10.21
Ringer Burger $9.18
The Freiburger $10.14
The Freiburger® $10.24
Cheeseburger $9.93
Little Mule Burger $9.24
Little Mule $10.28
The Hangover $10.32
The Hangover Burger $9.26
The Mensch $10.35
The Mensch Burger $9.42

Haus Chicken

Bad Mutha Cluck $10.75

Build Your Own

Build Your Dog $6.73
Dog $7.42
Build Your Bacon-Wrapped Dog $7.55
Build Your Beef Burger $8.72
Build Your Sausage $7.72
Sausage $8.16
Bacon-Wrapped Dog $7.76
Beef Burger $8.94
Build Your Burger $7.97
Build Your Chicken $8.69
Chicken $8.98
Build Your Own Plant-Based $8.13
Plant-Based $7.72


Beyond Brat $9.23
Beyond Brat Sausage $8.99
So Veggie $9.39
So Veggie Sausage $8.99
Impossible Burger $9.45
Impossible Slider $3.87


*any dog or sausage dipped in our homemade root beer batter

Corn Dog Beef $5.16
Corn Dog Turkey Dog $5.04
Corn Dog Bratwurst $6.11
Corn Dog Bacon Wrapped $5.92
Corn Dog Kielbasa $6.11
Corn Dog Spicy Thai Currywurst $6.06
Corn Dog Italian Chicken Mozzarella $6.11
Corn Dog Spicy Italian $6.11
Corn Dog Chicken and Pork Sake Sausage $6.05
Corn Dog Beef Chorizo and Pepperjack Sausage $6.06
Corn Dog Beyond Sausage Brat $6.88
Corn Dog Beyond Sausage Hot Italian $6.96


Fries $3.30
Tater Tots $3.30
Cheese Fries $4.39
Chili Cheese Fries $5.87
Cheese Tots $4.41
Chili Cheese Tots $5.88
Haus Chili $5.58
Haus Slaw $2.62
Onion Rings $4.29
Sweet Potato Fries $4.25
The Love Boat $5.36

Kids Meal

*choice of any two sliders (cheeseburger, hot dog, corn dog), served plain, plus fries or tots and fountain drink or juice

Kids Meal $7.76


Fountain Drink $2.55
Juice $2.54
Bottled Water $2.62
Fountain Drinks $2.37

Kids’ Meal

Kids’ Meal $8.65

Ice Cream

Shake $5.63
SHAKES $5.56
The Floater $4.36
Soft Serve Cup $4.07

About Dog Haus

Dog Haus is a fast-casual restaurant chain founded in 2010 in Pasadena, California, by partners Hagop Giragossian, Quasim Riaz, and André Vener. Since then, the restaurant chain has expanded to over 50 locations in the United States and has become known for its unique menu items and commitment to using high-quality ingredients.

The menu at Dog Haus features a variety of hot dogs, sausages, burgers, and sides. They offer classic options like the “Old-School” hot dog and the “Cowboy” sausage, as well as more unique creations like the “Thai Fighter” sausage and the “Bad Mutha Clucka” chicken sandwich. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options for those with dietary restrictions.

In addition to its food, Dog Haus is known for their craft beer selection and commitment to providing a fun and casual dining experience. Many of their locations have outdoor patios, and they often host events like trivia nights and live music performances.

Regarding pricing, Dog Haus is considered moderately priced, with menu items ranging from around $5 to $10. They also offer a variety of daily specials and promotions throughout the year.

Dog Haus has become famous for people looking for a unique and high-quality fast-casual dining experience. With their creative menu items, commitment to using fresh ingredients, and fun atmosphere, it’s no wonder why this restaurant chain has continued to grow and attract customers from all over the country.

Dog Haus Restaurant Operation Hours

Generally, Dog Haus locations open from 11 am and close at 10 pm.

The Dog Haus restaurants are usually well-lit and have a welcoming atmosphere. They also have well-arranged and reasonably spaced tables and chairs to prevent that awkward moment when your elbows rub against the other diners, and you must say ‘sorry.’

Dog Haus menu with prices
Dog Haus menu with prices

Our Verdict

As you have seen, the menu features a variety of food items such as hot dogs, sausages, chicken, and sliders, indicating something for everyone.

Since Dog Haus Hotdogs are big and sticky, eating them can be messy. Also, they often have toppings that are too much for one person. So have the mind to share when you go there.

While your experience may depend on your location, we have learned that the food is made to order, so it’s served cold or warm, depending on how you like it.

The staff members are also quick to respond to your orders once they’re placed. This ensures that your food will be served fresh and warm.

However, most food items can be high in fat and calories, but to get a healthier diet, it is best to skip the dressing or add more vegetables to the dish.

The atmosphere at Dog Haus restaurant is fun and memorable. Guests are greeted with warm smiles and treated with respect as they enter. The restaurant’s cleanliness is also visible through their staff uniforms.

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