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High Noon Nutrition Facts

High Noon, a renowned hard-seltzers brand, has captivated the market with its unique flavors and nutritionally conscious options. This article delves into the comprehensive nutrition facts of High Noon beverages, focusing on their popular tequila and vodka-based seltzers. We’ll explore the various aspects of calorie content, sugar levels, and the specific nutritional attributes of flavors like watermelon, black cherry, and more. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a social drinker, or simply curious about the healthier alternatives to alcoholic beverages, this guide provides an enlightening journey through the nutritional landscape of High Noon products.

Nutrition Overview

High Noon hard seltzers are crafted with vodka, real fruit juice, sparkling water, and natural flavors. They stand out in the market for their low-calorie count and minimal sugar content. Here’s an overview of their nutritional profile:

  • Calories: Each 12 fl oz can contains approximately 100 calories.
  • Sugar: The sugar content varies slightly among flavors but generally stays around 2.6 grams per can.
  • Carbohydrates: The carbohydrate content ranges from 4.1g to 5.3g per can, depending on the flavor.
  • Fat and Protein: High Noon drinks are free from fat and protein.
  • Alcohol Content: These beverages contain 4.5% alcohol by volume.
High Noon Nutrition Facts Details
High Noon Nutrition Facts Details

Flavor-Specific Nutrition Facts

Let’s dive into the specific nutritional facts of some popular High Noon flavors:

  • High Noon Watermelon:
    • Calories: 100 per can
    • Carbohydrates: 4.1g
    • Sugar: Approximately 2.6g
  • High Noon Black Cherry:
    • Calories: 100 per can
    • Carbohydrates: 5.3g
    • Sugar: 2.6g
  • High Noon Tequila Seltzer:
    • Calories: 100 per can
    • Carbohydrates: 4.2g
    • Sugar: 2.6g

Health Considerations

High Noon beverages are an excellent choice for those seeking a gluten-free, low-calorie alcoholic drink. The low sugar content makes them a favorable option for individuals watching their sugar intake. However, it’s important to consume them responsibly due to their alcohol content.

The Brand Behind the Beverage

High Noon Spirits Company, based in Modesto, California, has significantly impacted the hard seltzer market. Their commitment to using real fruit juice and natural flavors has set them apart, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages. The brand’s innovative approach to combining vodka with sparkling water and fruit flavors caters to a health-conscious audience without compromising taste.

High Noon’s popularity is not just due to its nutritional profile but also its variety of flavors, catering to diverse palates. The company has successfully positioned itself as a go-to option for those seeking a light, refreshing, and flavorful drink that aligns with a health-conscious lifestyle.


In conclusion, High Noon hard seltzers offer a unique blend of taste and nutrition. Their low calorie and sugar content, combined with a diverse range of flavors, make them an attractive option for health-conscious individuals. As the brand continues to innovate and expand its flavor offerings, it remains a prominent player in the hard seltzer market.

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