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Carnitas Nutrition Facts

Delving into Carnitas' nutrition facts, we invite you to join us on a compelling journey that travels beyond the taste buds and straight into the core of this beloved Mexican dish. Our expedition promises a revelation of the calories and protein that carnitas hold and a fascinating exploration of how this dish fits into an unexpectedly diverse range of dietary plans.

Carnitas burrito nutrition facts are a delightful revelation for those who enjoy this succulent Mexican delicacy. Bursting with a fusion of flavors and ample nutrients, carnitas can be a delightful addition to your meals. This article comprehensively analyzes carnitas nutrition, helping you understand how this delectable dish fits your diet. From the calorific count to the vitamin and mineral content, we’ll delve into everything nutritional about carnitas.

Carnitas Protein and Calorie Content

We begin by unpacking the carnitas nutrition facts. The first detail that strikes one is the high Carnitas Protein content. For individuals keen on incorporating more protein into their diets, carnitas is an excellent choice.

Next, we delve into the Pork Carnitas calories. Generally, a 100g serving of carnitas contains about 242 calories. But, the figures might vary if we consider the calories in carnitas from popular food chains like Chipotle. A bowl from Chipotle packed with carnitas, rice, beans, and other garnishes can have more than how many calories in carnitas one might anticipate, possibly upwards of 500 calories.

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Carbs and Fat Content

When it comes to the question, “How many calories in a Chipotle burrito?” it’s important to consider the carnitas carbs. Typically, a carnitas burrito carries around 39 grams of carbohydrates. Similarly, a Chipotle carnitas bowl nutrition facts would reveal around 42 grams of carbohydrates.

As for the fat content, the Carnitas Calories 100g generally include about 16 grams of fat, constituting both total and saturated fat. It’s worth noting that the amount of fat could increase if you opt for additional ingredients in your burrito bowl or bowl nutrition in general.

Carnitas Nutrition Facts Table
Carnitas Nutrition Facts Table

What is the nutritional value of carnitas?

Carnitas, especially from places like Chipotle Mexican Grill, offers a good balance of protein, carbs, and fats. Moreover, they provide a decent share of vitamins and minerals. The table below breaks down the typical carnitas nutrition facts:

Nutrient Value per 100g
Calories 242
Protein 20g
Carbs 0g
Fat 16g
Saturated Fat 5.8g


Are carnitas tacos healthy?

Whether or not carnitas tacos count as healthy depends on your dietary needs and lifestyle. If you're following a low-carb or high-protein diet, carnitas tacos could fit in nicely. However, watch out for the high sodium content, which often sneaks up in store-bought taco shells and dressings.

Is carnitas a good source of protein?

Absolutely! Carnitas offer a good supply of protein. In every 100g serving, you can expect to find about 20g of protein. This is significantly higher compared to other popular meat options.

How many calories are in pork carnitas?

A 100g serving of pork carnitas typically contains about 242 calories. However, the calorie content can vary based on the cooking method and additional ingredients.

Are carnitas healthy?

On the surface, Carnitas Nutrition Chipotle, or any other carnitas dish, offers a balance of essential nutrients. But the Chipotle carnitas Calories or Barbacoa nutrition content can vary based on the ingredients and portion sizes.

The best protein at Chipotle often comes in the form of their protein bowls. A high-protein bowl of Chipotle nutrition with carnitas provides around 32 grams of protein. But don’t forget about the net carbs, which can add up based on what you opt to include in your bowl.

Given all the factors, it’s safe to say that carnitas can be healthy if consumed in moderation and according to your dietary needs.

In conclusion, carnitas, whether in a carnitas burrito, taco, or bowl, offer a wealth of nutrients. They pack a solid protein punch with moderate fat and little to no carbs in the meat. Mindful eating and portion control are the key to enjoying this delicious dish.

Remember, the nutritional value can vary based on where you’re getting your carnitas from and what you’re pairing them with. From the 2,000-calorie diet to the more stringent ones, it’s crucial to consider your dietary needs and preferences when enjoying carnitas.

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