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Blaze Pizza Menu Prices Canada

Get fired up for Blaze Pizza menu prices Canada, where customization meets quality without burning a hole in your wallet. Uncover the enticing variety of gourmet toppings, signature sauces, and savory crusts that have made Blaze Pizza a fast-casual sensation nationwide.

Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual pizza chain that has taken the United States by storm since its inception in 2011. With over 300 locations in the United States and worldwide, Blaze Pizza has become known for its delicious, made-to-order pizzas and affordable prices. In this article, we’ll look closer at the Blaze Pizza menu prices in Canada and explore what makes this restaurant a popular choice for pizza lovers everywhere. From classic cheese and pepperoni pizzas to unique toppings like arugula and goat cheese, Blaze Pizza has something for everyone at a price that won’t break the bank.

Blaze Pizza Menu Prices Updated List

Blaze Pizza menu with prices
Blaze Pizza menu with prices


1 Build Your Pizza $8.45
2 1 Top Pizza $6.75
3 Simple Pie Pizza $5.55
4 Meat Eater Pizza $8.45
5 B.B.Q. Chicken Pizza $8.45
6 Green Stripe Pizza $8.45
7 Art Lover Pizza $8.45
8 Red Vine Pizza $8.45
9 Veg Out Pizza $8.45
10 Like in Pizza $8.45
11 White Top Pizza $8.45


1 Caesar (Side Salad) $3.95
2 Tomato, Basil & Ovalini (Side Salad) $3.95
3 Roasted Veggies & Gorgonzola (Side Salad) $3.95
4 Beer & Goat Cheese (Side Salad) $3.95
5 Antipasto (Entree Salad) $7.25
6 Chicken Caesar (Entree Salad) $7.25


1 Smore Pie $2.00


1 Fountain Drink $2.10
2 Bottled Water $1.95
3 Milk $1.95

Currently, you know the prices of your favored foods. So what are you waiting for? You can stroll into any Blaze Pizza Outlet and make an order or demand a house shipment on your phone. The interval between placing an order and getting your food provided is unqualified 30 minutes.

Please be aware that Blaze Pizza’s menu prices described here may transform periodically. Consequently, you are recommended to examine their website momentarily for confirmation. This will help you to remain current with any price modification.

Blaze Pizza Menu Prices Canada Details
Blaze Pizza Menu Prices Canada Details

About Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual pizza chain founded in Pasadena, California, in 2011. The company was started by Rick and Elise Wetzel, who are also the founders of Wetzel’s Pretzels. Since then, Blaze Pizza has increased, with over 300 locations in the United States and several other countries, including Canada, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

Blaze Pizza’s focus on customization is one thing that sets it apart from other pizza chains. Customers can choose from various sauces, cheeses, meats, vegetables, and other toppings to create their unique pizza. The pizzas are then cooked in a high-speed oven that can reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in a crispy, delicious pizza in just a few minutes.

Blaze Pizza is also known for its commitment to using high-quality ingredients. They offer a selection of gluten-free and vegan options, and all of their pizzas are made with fresh, all-natural ingredients. They also use eco-friendly packaging, which has helped them become a popular choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

In addition to its pizza, Blaze Pizza also offers salads, desserts, and drinks. They have a simple pricing system, with all pizzas priced the same regardless of the number of toppings, which makes it easy for customers to create their perfect pizza without worrying about the cost.

Overall, Blaze Pizza has become a popular choice for people looking for a quick, customizable, and high-quality pizza option at an affordable price.

Blaze Pizza menu prices
Blaze Pizza menu prices


Do these Menu prices also cover the delivery charge?

The answer to this is No. The prices listed in this article are for individual items. The delivery charge has not been added to it yet. If you prefer to place an order, visit the Blaze Pizza website, and you will be redirected to their delivery partner website to place your order. You will be shown how much you will be charged for delivery there. The delivery fee varies with your location, though.

Are these Menu prices up-to-date?

When this article was published, the menu prices were very up-to-date. Therefore, we can not tell if the prices are still the same as when you read this. This is why we have advised you to confirm the menu prices from the Blaze Pizza website before placing your order.

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