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Carrabba’s Menu Prices

Unraveling the story behind Carrabba's menu prices uncovers a fascinating tale of culinary craftsmanship married with value. Embark on this riveting journey, where you'll be held spellbound by the intriguing interplay of taste, tradition, and how these factors influence the price tag on your favorite Italian dishes.

Welcome to my article about Carrabba’s menu prices! Carrabba’s Italian Grill is a popular restaurant chain that offers various delicious Italian dishes. Carrabba’s has something to satisfy your cravings, whether you’re in the mood for pasta, pizza, or seafood. However, before you head to your nearest location, knowing what to expect regarding pricing is essential. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the menu prices at Carrabba’s, including the cost of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and more. So, whether planning a night out with friends or looking to cater an event, keep reading to learn more about Carrabba’s Italian Grill prices.

Carrabbas Menu With Prices 2024

Carrabba's menu with prices
Carrabba’s menu with prices

To see the most up-to-date Carraba prices, see the food selection below.

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Carrabba's menu prices
Carrabba’s menu prices


Here are some potential frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.’s) related to Carrabba’s menu prices and their corresponding answers:

What is the price range for appetizers at Carrabba’s?

The price range for appetizers at Carrabba's typically falls between $8 and $15, depending on the specific dish and location.

How much does an entree cost at Carrabba’s?

Entree prices at Carrabba's can vary depending on the dish and location, but most items fall between $15 and $30.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options on the Carrabba’s menu?

Yes, Carrabba's offers several vegetarian and vegan options, including the Spaghetti Pomodoro and the Penne Carrabba, which can be made vegan by omitting cheese and meat.

Does Carrabba’s offer any gluten-free menu items?

Carrabba's has a gluten-free menu with several dishes, such as the Gluten-Free Linguine Positano and the Gluten-Free Chicken Bryan.

Does Carrabba’s offer catering services?

Yes, Carrabba's offers catering services for events of all sizes. Catering prices vary depending on the menu items selected and the number of guests.

Are there any discounts or special offers available at Carrabba’s?

Yes, Carrabba's offers various promotions and deals throughout the year, such as "Amore Mondays," where you can get a four-course meal for $13.99 per person. Additionally, Carrabba's has a rewards program, Carrabba's Italian Grill Rewards, where you can earn points for every dollar spent and receive rewards such as complimentary appetizers and desserts.

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