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Sonic Menu With Prices

Embarking on an exploration of the Sonic menu with prices, we delve into a world where fast food meets wallet-friendly convenience. Could the tempting offerings of this drive-in fast-food chain, coupled with its pricing strategy, be the perfect blend of taste and affordability you've been seeking?

If you’re a classic American fast food fan looking for a place to grab a quick and delicious meal, look no further than Sonic’s menu and prices! In this article, we’ll explore the variety of mouth-watering dishes available at Sonic and their corresponding prices. From juicy burgers to crispy tots and refreshing drinks, we have everything you need to know to plan your next meal at Sonic. So, prepare to discover the delectable world of Sonic’s menu with prices.

Date Sonic Drive-in Menu with Prices 2023

You can see the current price list below.

Sonic Combos Menu prices

Item Size Price
SONIC Cheeseburger $3.89
SONIC Cheeseburger – Combo $5.99
SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger $4.99
SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger – Combo $6.99
SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger $5.49
SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger – Combo  $7.89
Bacon Cheeseburger TOASTER $4.99
Bacon Cheeseburger TOASTER – Combo $6.99
Chicken Club TOASTER $5.09
Chicken Club TOASTER – Combo $7.29
Chicago Dog $2.39
Chicago Dog – Combo $5.19
New York Dog $1.99
New York Dog – Combo $4.99
Chili Cheese Coney $ 1.99
Chili Cheese Coney – Combo $4.99
All-American Dog $1.99
All-American Dog – Combo $4.99
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney $3.69
Footlong Quarter Pound Coney – Combo $5.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Medium $3.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken – Combo Medium $5.89
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Large $4.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken – Combo Large $6.89
Classic Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) $4.49
Classic Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) – Combo $6.79
Super Crunch Chicken Strips 3 Pc. $3.49
Great Crunch Chicken Strips – Combo. 3 Pc $5.79
Super Crunch Chicken Strips 5 Pc. $4.69
Awesome Crunch Chicken Strips – Combo 5 Pc. $6.79
Fantastic Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner (Medium Combo) 4 Pc. $6.79
Excellent Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner (Without Drink) 4 Pc. $5.69
Add (American Cheese, Hot Chili, or Spicy Jalapeños) $0.50
Add (Crispy Bacon) $0.60

Sonic Hot dog’s Menu price

The Original Pretzel Dog (Limited Time) $2.09
Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog (Limited Time) $2.99

Sonic Habanero Heat Menu price

Item Size Price
Boneless Wings (Limited Time) 6 Pc. $4.49
Boneless Wings (Limited Time) 12 Pc. $8.79
Boneless Wings (Limited Time) 24 Pc. $16.99
Ultimate Chicken Sandwich – Traditional or Classic (Limited Time) $5.99

Sonic Sides Menu price

Item Size Price
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Mini (2 Pc.)  $1.29
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Small (4 Pc.) $2.49
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Medium (6 Pc.) $3.59
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Large (8 Pc.) $4.79
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara (16 Pc.)  Family $7.99
Ched ‘R’ Bites with Ranch Mini $1.59
Ched ‘R’ Bites with Ranch Small $2.99
Ched ‘R’ Bites with Ranch Medium  $4.29
Ched ‘R’ Bites with Ranch Large $5.29
Ched ‘R’ Bites with Ranch Family $8.99
Tots or Fries Mini $0.79
Tots or Fries  Small $1.19
Tots or Fries Medium $1.99
Tots or Fries Large $2.39
Tots or Fries Family $3.99
Handmade Onion Rings Mini $1.29
Handmade Onion Rings Small $2.29
Handmade Onion Rings Medium $2.89
Handmade Onion Rings Large $3.39
Handmade Onion Rings Family $5.39
Chili Cheese Tots or Fries  Mini $1.29
Chili Cheese Tots or Fries  Small $2.29
Chili Cheese Tots or Fries Medium $3.09
Chili Cheese Tots or Fries Large $3.49
Chili Cheese Tots or Fries Family  $5.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Mini $1.49
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Small $2.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Medium $3.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken  Large $4.99
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Family $6.99
Apple Slices $1.29
Sonic Menu With Prices
Sonic Menu With Prices

Sonic every day deals Menu price

Item Size Price
Jr. Breakfast Burrito $1.19
Jr. Deluxe Burger $1.39
Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger $1.69
Jr. Double Cheeseburger $1.99
Chicken Strip Sandwich $1.49
Grilled Cheese $1.49
Corn Dog $1.29
Tots or Fries Small  $1.19
Iced Tea Small $1.19
Soft Drink Small $1.19
Famous Slush Small $1.19
Vanilla Cone  $1.00
Vanilla Dish $1.49
Real Ice Cream Sundae $1.99

Sonic Breakfast Menu price (Served all day)

Item Size Price
Breakfast Burrito  $2.59
Breakfast Burrito – Combo $4.59
SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito $3.89
SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito – Combo $5.99
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito $3.89
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito – Combo $5.99
Breakfast TOASTER $2.89
Breakfast TOASTER – Combo $4.89
French Toast Sticks with Syrup 4 Pc. $2.49
French Toast Sticks with Syrup + Drink 4 Pc. $3.49
Cinnasnacks 3 Pc. $2.89
Cinnasnacks – Combo  3 Pc. $3.89
Cinnasnacks 5 Pc. $3.99
Cinnasnacks – Combo 5 Pc. $4.99

Sonic Kid’s meal Menu price

Item Size Price
Jr. Burger  $3.39
Chicken Strips 2 Pc. $3.59
Grilled Cheese $2.99
Beef Hot Dog $3.39
Corn Dog $3.39

Sonic Drinks Menu price

Item Size Price
Signature Limeades Small $1.69
Signature Limeades Medium $1.99
Signature Limeades Large $2.29
Signature Limeades Route 44 $2.59
Famous Slushes Small $1.19
Famous Slushes Medium $1.99
Famous Slushes Large $2.39
Famous Slushes Route 44 $2.59
Candy Slushes Small $1.69
Candy Slushes Medium $2.49
Candy Slushes Large $2.89
Candy Slushes Route 44 $3.09
Real Fruit Slushes Small $2.19
Real Fruit Slushes Medium $2.39
Real Fruit Slushes Large $2.79
Real Fruit Slushes Route 44 $2.99
Soft Drink  Small $1.19
Soft Drink Medium $1.69
Soft Drink Large $1.89
Soft Drink Route 44 $2.19
Soft Drink (Iced Tea) Gallon $3.99
SONIC Splash  Small  $1.19
SONIC Splash Medium $1.69
SONIC Splash Large $1.89
SONIC Splash Route 44 $2.19
Ocean Water Small $1.39
Ocean Water Medium $1.79
Ocean Water Large $1.99
Ocean Water Route 44 $2.29
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice Cocktail Small $1.99
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice Cocktail Medium $2.49
SONIC Wave Bottled Water  $1.49
Premium Roast Coffee Regular $1.49
Premium Roast Coffee Large $1.79
SONIC Energy Drink Small $1.99
SONIC Energy Drink Medium $2.19
SONIC Energy Drink Large $2.29
SONIC Energy Drink Route 44 $2.49

Sonic Frozen Zone Menu price

Item Size Price
Java Chiller Shakes Small  $2.99
Java Chiller Shakes Medium $3.39
Java Chiller Shakes Large  $4.39
Sonic Blast  Mini $2.89
Sonic Blast Small $3.39
Sonic Blast Medium $4.09
Sonic Blast Large $5.49
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Mini $1.99
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Small $2.79
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Medium $3.59
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes Large $4.59
Master Shakes Mini $2.49
Master Shakes Small $3.29
Master Shakes Medium $4.09
Master Shakes Large $5.09
CreamSlush Treats Mini  $2.09
CreamSlush Treats Small $2.99
CreamSlush Treats Medium  $3.59
CreamSlush Treats Large $4.59
Old School Floats Mini $2.09
Old School Floats Small $2.49
Old School Floats Medium  $3.09
Old School Floats Large $4.39
Real Ice Cream Sundae $1.99
Molten Cake Sundae $4.29
Waffle Cone Sundae $2.99
Vanilla Waffle Cone $1.99
Master Blast Mini $3.39
Master Blast Small $3.89
Master Blast Medium $4.59
Master Blast Large $5.99

Sonic Allergen Menu

Sonic’s allergen statement clearly stated that the Cinnasnacks they serve are not vegan, as milk and eggs go into making this food item. Besides, Sonic uses soy, wheat, and gluten, including tree nuts, to make Cinnasnacks, which are allergens for many people.


Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers related to Sonic’s menu with prices that you can include in your article:

What is the average cost of a meal at Sonic?

The average meal price at Sonic varies depending on the items you order. However, you can expect to spend around $5 to $8 per person for a meal, including an entree, a side, and a drink.

Are there any Sonic menu items that are under $1?

Several menu items at Sonic are priced under $1, such as the Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger, Tots, and Vanilla Cone. These items are perfect for those on a budget or looking for a quick snack.

Does Sonic offer any discounts or promotions on their menu items?

Yes, Sonic frequently offers discounts and promotions on their menu items, primarily through their mobile app and email newsletter. Check their website or social media pages for the latest deals and offers.

Do Sonic menu prices vary by location?

Yes, Sonic menu prices may vary slightly by location due to factors such as local taxes, rent, and other operating costs. However, the differences in prices are typically not significant. You can check the prices for your local Sonic by visiting their website or contacting the restaurant directly.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options available at Sonic?

Sonic offers vegetarian and vegan options, including the Veggie Burger, Grilled Cheese, and Tater Tots. Be sure to inform the staff about your dietary restrictions or preferences before placing your order.

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Sonic’s allergen declaration mentioned that the Cinnasnacks they offer are not vegan, as milk and eggs go into making this food item. Besides, Sonic utilizes soy, wheat, and gluten, consisting of tree nuts, to make Cinnasnacks, which are irritants for many individuals.

That is all on the Sonic menu listing and also. Check the Sonic Drive-in website periodically to understand if there are any recent adjustments in these costs.

If you are seeking affordable food, reliable, and entertainment solutions, Sonic Drive-In is the ideal place to think about.

Mainly, they blow minds with the shakes on their frozen zone food selection. On top of that, you will undoubtedly agree that the menu prices for their combos are reasonably budget-friendly.

Sonic is an American organization that has dominated the drive-in sector for over 60 years and will not relent in the coming years.

For more exact menu prices of your favorite fast-food restaurants, bookmark and consistently visit the food menus.


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