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Sharetea Nutrition Facts

Sharetea nutrition facts might seem trivial, but wait until you discover the profound secrets it holds about your beloved beverage. This article unveils some unexpected truths and exciting details about Sharetea that could redefine your next sip, making it a must-read for any tea enthusiast.

When we discuss Sharetea boba nutrition facts, a world of flavor, texture, and, importantly, health implications unfolds. The story of Sharetea begins in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1992, and it has since expanded to 18 countries worldwide. Sharetea prides itself on using fresh ingredients, high-quality tea leaves, and a variety of choices to suit every palate and dietary preference. This article delves into the nitty-gritty of Sharetea menu nutrition facts, including calories, sugar content, and nutritional value of the many exciting offerings on their menu.

Understanding Sharetea Nutrition Facts

Sharetea offers many beverages- each unique, vibrant, and satisfying. Exploring shared tea nutrition facts reveals that each drink has a unique nutritional profile. For instance, if we look at the Sharetea coffee crema nutrition facts, the creaminess of the drink comes from the milk and cream used, providing necessary protein and calcium, albeit with an added calorie count. On the other hand, Sharetea Mango Green Tea calories are comparatively lower as this drink is fruit-based and doesn’t have the added cream.

Are tapioca pearls healthy? This question arises quite often among boba tea lovers. Tapioca pearls, derived from the cassava root, are primarily carbohydrates. A typical serving of these chewy pearls adds around 100-150 calories. However, these pearls are low in saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium, making them a reasonable indulgence when consumed in moderation.

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Navigating the Sharetea Menu for Dietary Preferences

For those who are on specific dietary regimes, Sharetea does not disappoint. They have a range of Sharetea keto options that are low in carbs and high in fat, ideal for those following a ketogenic diet. Additionally, if you are wondering about Sharetea Halal options, rest assured that their teas and toppings do not contain any animal products or alcohol.

Are you unable to visit the store? No worries because Sharetea delivery services are readily available. Simply check out their menu online, select your preferred drinks, and have them delivered to your doorstep. Don’t hesitate to contact Sharetea’s email for any queries regarding their menu and nutrition facts.

Sharetea Nutrition Facts Table
Sharetea Nutrition Facts Table
Milk Tea Kcal Saturated Fat / g Sodium/mg Carbs / g Sugar/g Vegetarian Foods Allergen Caffeine (mg)/ cup
Classic Milk Tea (Black Tea) 469 16.7 104 73 46 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 95
Classic Milk Tea (Green Tea) 453 16.7 101 69 45 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 90
Classic Milk Tea (Oolong Tea) 453 16.7 101 69 45 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 145
Honey Milk Tea (Black Tea) 476 14.9 90 80 57 Vegetarian Milk 95
Honey Milk Tea (Green Tea) 476 14.9 90 80 57 Vegetarian Milk 90
Honey Milk Tea (Oolong Tea) 476 14.9 90 80 57 Vegetarian Milk 145
Classic Coffee 479 16.8 103 74 42 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 300
Ginger Milk Tea 410 12 83 71 51 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 95
Coffee Milk Tea 426 15.1 92 66 40 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 215
Classic Pearl Milk Tea (Black) 657 15 124 124 57 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 85
Classic Pearl Milk Tea (Green Tea) 646 15 123 122 56 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 80
Classic Pearl Milk Tea (Oolong Tea) 646 15 123 122 56 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 130
Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea 593 10.6 233 120 60 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 160
Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea 602 10.4 236 123 63 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 155
Thai Pearl Milk Tea 749 9.1 102 157 87 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 105
Taro Pearl Milk Tea 722 16.2 127 138 57 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 80
Mango Green Milk Tea 507 12 72 95 76 Lacto Vegetarian Milk, Mango 90
QQ Happy Family Milk Tea 601 15.2 139 109 76 Lacto Vegetarian Milk, Tree Nuts 80
Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea 488 11.2 79 87 50 Lacto Vegetarian Milk 70


How many calories are in boba tea, Sharetea?

The calorie count in Sharetea's boba tea mainly depends on the base tea, additional flavors, and toppings. The basic boba tea calories for a classic Pearl Milk Tea are approximately 300 calories per serving. However, adding toppings like Sharetea toppings calories can significantly increase this number. The share tea calories vary widely depending on your customization, so making informed choices is essential.

What are the sugar levels at Sharetea?

Sharetea gives you the flexibility to choose your sugar level. You can opt for 0%, 30%, 50%, 70%, or 100% sugar, depending on your preference. Keep in mind that a higher sugar level increases the Sharetea menu calories.

What is in bubble tea nutrition facts?

The bubble tea nutrition facts comprise the tea base, milk or milk alternative, flavorings, sweeteners, tapioca pearls or other toppings. The tea base could be black, green, or fruit, each with unique health benefits.

Is bubble tea high in sugar?

While bubble tea can be high in sugar, Sharetea allows you to control your sugar intake. Nevertheless, the Sharetea crema nutrition facts show that crema drinks tend to have slightly higher sugar content due to the added cream.

In conclusion, Sharetea nutrition facts clearly show that their offerings can fit various dietary needs and preferences. Whether you’re a tea lover seeking the antioxidants in green tea or a fitness enthusiast tracking your macros, Sharetea has something for everyone. Remember that while it’s okay to enjoy these delicious beverages, it’s essential to be aware of the nutrition facts and make choices that align with your health goals.

Whether you’re sipping a comforting Okinawa pearl milk tea or a refreshing mango green tea, being aware of the nutritional implications helps you enjoy your favorite drinks while maintaining a balanced diet. As we’ve learned from the Sharetea boba nutrition facts and other insights, the key lies in moderation and mindful selection of ingredients. So grab your favorite cup of Sharetea and enjoy the journey of flavors, textures, and aromas!


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