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Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts

Lipton Hard Iced Tea blends the classic, beloved taste of tea with an invigorating twist, offering a modern take on a timeless favorite. As you delve into this article, discover the fascinating blend of flavors and nutritional aspects that make Lipton Hard Iced Tea a standout beverage choice.


Indulge in the exhilarating world of Lipton Hard Iced Tea! This innovative beverage intertwines the time-honored tea tradition with a modern twist, offering a unique taste experience. Whether lounging under the sun or hosting an evening soiree, Lipton Hard Iced Tea is the perfect refreshment to uplift your spirit. With various flavors and nutritional benefits, it’s more than just a drink—it’s a lifestyle choice for the contemporary tea aficionado. Join us on this flavorful journey as we delve into the essence of Lipton Hard Iced Tea.

Lipton Hard Iced Tea: A Closer Look

Nutritional Breakdown

  • Calories: Ranging from 70 to 200 calories per 12-ounce serving​​​​.
  • Sugar Content: It caters to varying preferences with 0 to 23.3 grams of sugar​​​​.
  • Alcohol Content: A consistent 5% ABV across all flavors​​.
  • Other Nutrients: Contains negligible amounts of fat, protein, cholesterol, and sodium​​​​​​.

Flavor Profiles and Varieties

Lipton Hard Iced Tea offers various flavors, from the classic lemon to exotic tropical blends like mango and peach. The product’s versatility lies in its wide range of flavors, ensuring every palate has a choice​​.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Antioxidant Properties

Lipton Hard Iced Tea inherits the antioxidant benefits of tea, helping to protect the body against free radicals and supporting overall wellness​​.


Besides its refreshing taste, Lipton Hard Iced Tea aids in hydration, making it a great beverage choice during warm weather or after physical activities​​.

Consumer-Centric Options

Recognizing the diverse needs of consumers, Lipton offers low-calorie and low-sugar options, catering to those mindful of their dietary intake without compromising on taste​​.

Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts Details
Lipton Hard Tea Nutrition Facts Details

The Business Behind the Beverage

Lipton Hard Iced Tea: Origins and Operations

Rooted in over 130 years of tea expertise, Lipton Hard Iced Tea starts with real brewed Lipton tea, creating a smooth and refreshing hard tea experience​​.

Brewing and Licensing

Lipton Hard Iced Tea is licensed and brewed by FIFCO USA, ensuring top-notch quality and flavor consistency. It is part of the product line of The Sunrise Brewing Company, based in Rochester, New York​​.

FIFCO USA: A Glimpse into the Brewer


FIFCO USA is a prominent American brewing conglomerate headquartered in Rochester, New York. Established in 2009, it has operated under Florida Ice & Farm Co. (FIFCO) ownership since 2012​​.

Subsidiaries and Expansion

Initially known as North American Breweries, the company encompasses notable subsidiaries like Labatt USA, Genesee Brewing Company, Pyramid, and Magic Hat​​.

Brand Diversity and Market Presence

With a diverse portfolio of beverages, FIFCO USA has carved a niche in the American brewing industry, catering to a wide range of consumer preferences.


Lipton Hard Iced Tea stands out as a unique beverage choice, combining tea’s health benefits and classic taste with a refreshing twist. Its varied flavors, nutritional profile, and commitment to consumer needs make it a favored option in flavored malt beverages. Behind its success lies the robust backing of FIFCO USA, a company with a rich history and diverse brand portfolio. As we savor the flavors of Lipton Hard Iced Tea, let’s raise a glass to the art of brewing and the joy of tasting!

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