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Five Guys Allergen Menu

For those with food allergies, dining out can be a challenge. However, restaurants like Five Guys have made significant efforts to cater to the needs of customers with dietary restrictions. This comprehensive article explores the Five Guys allergen menu, providing insights into their commitment to allergy-friendly dining, various options, and useful tips for a safe and enjoyable meal at Five Guys.

Five Guys’ Commitment to Allergy-Friendly Dining

Five Guys recognizes the importance of providing options for customers with food allergies. They’ve established strict protocols to minimize cross-contamination and offer detailed allergy information to help customers make informed choices​.

Understanding the Allergen Menu

Five Guys provides an allergen chart that lists common allergens in their menu items, helping you identify safe options. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, fries, shakes and drinks, and various condiments and toppings. Each category offers customizable options to suit different dietary needs, with clear indications of allergens like milk, peanuts, and soy​​​.

Gluten-Free Options

Although Five Guys doesn’t offer gluten-free buns, they take gluten allergies seriously. Their fries are gluten-free, but there’s always a risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen. For a gluten-free meal, you can choose their burgers in a lettuce wrap​.

Healthy and Safe Dining Tips

When dining at Five Guys, it’s crucial to inform the staff about your allergies and dietary restrictions. Always consult the allergen chart, ask for customized orders, inquire about food preparation methods, and double-check your order before consumption​.

Allergen Awareness and Cross-Contamination

Despite Five Guys’ efforts, there is a risk of allergen cross-contamination due to the shared kitchen environment. Customers should be aware of this risk, particularly those with severe allergies​​​.

Five Guys: The Business Behind the Burgers

Founded in 1986, Five Guys started as a family-run burger joint in Arlington, Virginia. Known for its handcrafted burgers and fries, Five Guys has grown into a global brand, maintaining its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With its simple menu and focus on fresh ingredients, Five Guys continues to be a popular choice for burger enthusiasts worldwide.

In conclusion, Five Guys strives to provide a safe and welcoming dining experience for individuals with food allergies. Their detailed allergen menu and customizable options make it easier for customers to enjoy their meals without compromising health and safety.

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