Crab Du Jour Menu With Prices

Take a seat and buckle up as we dive headfirst into the exciting world of the Crab Du Jour menu with prices, transforming your seafood dining experience forever. From the juicy lobster tails to the buttery crab legs, this blog post is set to explore the culinary treasures and their value for money, ensuring your next meal at Crab Du Jour is nothing short of extraordinary.

Crab Du Jour menu with prices unveils a treasure trove of enticing seafood dishes, bringing coastal cuisine to life for patrons seeking unforgettable flavors and competitive prices. This extensive menu boasts a range of delectable offerings meticulously crafted to delight every seafood enthusiast. Crab Du Jour focuses on freshness and quality, ensuring each dish is a gastronomic journey worth savoring. Join us as we explore the tempting dishes and exceptional value that make Crab Du Jour a must-visit dining destination for your next meal.

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Crab Du Jour Menu With Prices List 2024

Crab du Jour menu prices
Crab du Jour menu prices


You may be more of a take-out person if you’re like me. If so, I have good news! In addition to the Crab Du Jour menu with prices listed above, there are also some options for ordering online. You can order crab cakes or sandwiches from the website and deliver them to your door (or pick them up at one of their four locations). When ordering online, however, keep in mind that any special requests will add extra costs onto your order–so if there’s anything specific about how much butter or Old Bay seasoning goes into your sauce or whether your crab cakes come with tartar sauce on top… well… let’s say it’ll cost extra!


What is the price range for a seafood boil at Crab Du Jour?

Prices can vary, but a seafood boil at Crab Du Jour might cost anywhere from about $20 to $60, depending on the type and quantity of seafood selected.

Does Crab Du Jour offer combo deals, and what are their prices?

Yes, Crab Du Jour often offers combo deals that include various seafood items, sides, and sauces. The prices for these combos can vary but typically range from around $30 to $60.

How much does a lobster cost at Crab Du Jour?

The cost of a lobster at Crab Du Jour can vary depending on market prices and the size of the lobster. It's best to check with the restaurant for the most current pricing.

Can I customize my seafood boil at Crab Du Jour, and how does this affect the price?

Crab Du Jour encourages customers to customize their seafood boil with various seafood, sauces, and spice levels. Prices will vary depending on the selections made.

What is the price range for appetizers at Crab Du Jour?

Appetizer prices at Crab Du Jour typically range from about $5 to $15, depending on the specific item.

How much do beverages cost at Crab Du Jour?

Beverage prices vary, but soft drinks are generally priced around $2-$3, with alcoholic beverages being higher.

Does Crab Du Jour offer any family or party platters, and what are these prices?

Crab Du Jour often offers family or party platters designed to serve multiple people. Prices for these platters vary widely depending on the included items.

What are the prices for Crab Du Jour’s sides?

Sides at Crab Du Jour, such as french fries or corn on the cob, are typically priced around $3-$5, though prices vary.

Does Crab Du Jour offer any lunch specials, and how do the prices compare to the dinner menu?

Crab Du Jour sometimes offers lunch specials at a lower price than their dinner menu. It's always good to check with the restaurant for current offerings and prices.

Do Crab Du Jour menu prices differ by location?

While Crab Du Jour aims to maintain consistency in its prices across all locations, some slight variations may occur due to regional market prices for seafood.

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If you are looking for a great place to eat in San Francisco, then Crab Du Jour is the place for you. They have a wide variety of delicious seafood dishes that will leave you wanting more!


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