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Amélie’s French Bakery & Café Menu

When it comes to experiencing a slice of French culinary delight in Charlotte, Amélie’s French Bakery & Café stands out as a must-visit destination. Known for its eclectic décor and a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a Parisian café, Amélie’s offers a diverse menu that caters to various tastes and preferences. From freshly baked pastries to hearty meals, Amélie’s provides an array of options that promise to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring the Amélie’s French Bakery & Café menu is a journey worth taking. In this article, we will delve into the detailed offerings, prices, hours of operation, and more to give you a comprehensive guide to this beloved bakery and café.

Amélie's French Bakery & Café Menu details
Amélie’s French Bakery & Café Menu details

Menu Highlights

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café is renowned for its extensive menu that includes both sweet and savory options. Here are some of the highlights:

Pastries and Desserts

  • Croissants: Classic, almond, chocolate
  • Macarons: Assorted flavors including vanilla, pistachio, and raspberry
  • Tarts: Lemon, pecan, and fruit
  • Cakes: Opera cake, strawberry shortcake, and salted caramel brownie
  • Creme Brulee: Traditional and flavored varieties

Breakfast Items

  • Breakfast Sandwiches: Various options including bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant
  • Quiche: Lorraine, spinach, and mushroom
  • French Toast: Served with fresh fruit and syrup

Lunch and Dinner

  • Sandwiches: Baguette sandwiches with fillings like ham and cheese, turkey, and vegetarian options
  • Salads: Freshly made salads including Nicoise, Caesar, and garden salad
  • Soups: Daily specials that include French onion, tomato bisque, and vegetable soup


  • Coffee: Espresso, cappuccino, latte, and more
  • Tea: A variety of black, green, and herbal teas
  • Specialty Drinks: Amélie’s signature sipping chocolate, hot chocolate, and seasonal drinks

Menu Prices

Understanding the Amelie’s bakery menu prices can help you plan your visit better. Here’s a general idea of what you can expect:

  • Croissants: $3.00 – $4.50
  • Macarons: $2.50 each, $14 for a half dozen
  • Tarts: $5.00 – $6.50
  • Cakes: $6.00 – $8.00 per slice
  • Breakfast Sandwiches: $6.50 – $8.00
  • Quiche: $5.00 – $7.00
  • Sandwiches: $7.00 – $10.00
  • Salads: $7.00 – $10.00
  • Soups: $5.00 – $7.00
  • Coffee and Tea: $2.50 – $5.00
  • Specialty Drinks: $3.50 – $5.50

Hours of Operation

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café ensures that you can enjoy their offerings throughout the day with convenient hours of operation:

  • Monday – Thursday: 8 AM – 9 PM
  • Friday – Saturday: 8 AM – 11 PM
  • Sunday: 8 AM – 8 PM

These hours make it a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a casual coffee break at any time of the day.


Amélie’s has multiple locations across Charlotte, each offering the same delightful menu and charming ambiance. The primary locations include:

  1. Park Road
    • Address: 4321 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28209
    • Phone: (704) 405-0570
  2. Carmel Commons
    • Address: 7715 Pineville-Matthews Rd #34b, Charlotte, NC 28226
    • Phone: (704) 376-1782

Why Visit Amélie’s?

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café offers more than just delicious food; it provides an experience. The unique décor, friendly staff, and the warm atmosphere make it an ideal place for everything from a quick bite to a leisurely meal with friends and family. Whether you are there for a cup of their signature sipping chocolate or a full meal, Amélie’s promises to deliver an unforgettable culinary experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pastries are available at Amélie’s French Bakery & Café?

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café offers a wide variety of pastries, including classic French options like croissants, pain au chocolat, éclairs, tarts, and macarons. They also have unique creations and seasonal specials that reflect both traditional and contemporary French baking.

Are there any vegan or gluten-free options on the menu?

Yes, Amélie’s French Bakery & Café provides several vegan and gluten-free options. They offer a selection of vegan pastries and gluten-free baked goods to accommodate different dietary preferences and restrictions.

Can I place a special order for a custom cake or large pastry order?

Yes, Amélie’s French Bakery & Café accepts special orders for custom cakes and large pastry orders. You can contact them directly to discuss your requirements and place an order for events such as birthdays, weddings, or corporate gatherings.

Does Amélie’s offer catering services?

Yes, Amélie’s French Bakery & Café offers catering services. They provide a range of options for catering, including breakfast pastries, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Catering services can be tailored to suit various events and gatherings.

What are the operating hours of Amélie’s French Bakery & Café?

The operating hours for Amélie’s French Bakery & Café vary by location. Typically, they open early in the morning and close late in the evening. It is recommended to check the specific hours for your preferred location on their official website or by calling the café directly.

Are there any special events or promotions at Amélie’s?

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café regularly hosts special events and promotions. These may include holiday-themed events, seasonal menu items, and special discounts. To stay updated on upcoming events and promotions, you can follow them on social media or subscribe to their newsletter.

Do they offer any beverages other than coffee?

Yes, in addition to coffee, Amélie’s French Bakery & Café offers a variety of beverages, including teas, hot chocolate, fresh juices, and specialty drinks. Their beverage menu is designed to complement their pastry offerings and provide a full café experience.

Can I buy gift cards for Amélie’s French Bakery & Café?

Yes, gift cards are available for purchase at Amélie’s French Bakery & Café. They can be bought in-store or online and make a great gift for friends and family who enjoy French pastries and café culture.

Are there any loyalty programs or rewards for frequent customers?

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café offers a loyalty program for frequent customers. By joining their loyalty program, you can earn points on purchases, receive special offers, and enjoy exclusive rewards. Details about the program can be found on their website or by asking in-store.

How can I apply for a job at Amélie’s French Bakery & Café?

To apply for a job at Amélie’s French Bakery & Café, you can visit their careers page on the official website. They offer various positions, including roles in baking, customer service, and management. The application process typically involves submitting a resume and filling out an online form.

In conclusion, exploring the Amélie’s French Bakery & Café menu is a delightful adventure in French culinary tradition right in the heart of Charlotte. Whether you are indulging in their exquisite pastries or enjoying a hearty meal, Amélie’s provides a charming and delicious experience that keeps customers coming back for more​.


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